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Bô Yin Râ
Bodo Reichenbach Bodo Reichenbach
Prof. i.R. für deutsche Sprache und Literatur an der Boston  University, Boston, Massachusetts und an der Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Imma von Bodmershof
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Bodo Reichenbach
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Dr. B. Reichenbach ist Übersetzer des Lehrwerks von Bô Yin Râ für den englischen Sprachraum ( "In his books he addresses questions and concerns that, in the language of religion and philosophy, pertain to 'final things' - the mysteries of mortal and eternal life, of God, the origin and goal of human existence - and gives advice on how one ought to live this present life to 'lay up treasures' in the life to come.
What sets these books apart from other writings on these topics is their author's background and horizon. Thus, he does not give the reader the results of learned thinking, speculations, and beliefs, but lucid insights into the objective structure of reality, based upon direct, reliable experience. His books, therefore, as he explains, are not intended to create 'beliefs', nor any new 'religion', but should instead be used as maps that guide the reader safely through the labyrinth of this existence to the goal that every spiritually conscious human being finally desires to attain."